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It is no secret that self care is a trending discussion in today’s times. It is important to take care of our mental, and physical selves.

The addition of plants to your living space, whether large or small, has excellent health benefits. For instance, plants

  • relieve stress
  • reduce fatigue
  • purify air

the list goes on. If you lack space, but want to add an air purifier houseplant to your room try something from our mini bar. In the plant mini bar you can choose which plant and pot combination best fits your unique decor.

If you have the perfect corner, or bland wall area try adding the wonderful Sansevieria ‘Zeylanica’, Aglaonema ‘Silver Bay’, or Aglaonema ‘Maria’. You can shop these options and more here

Shop from mini to large in our entire collection today!


At Rana Plant Co. LLC we are dedicated to offering a unique retail experience committed to
the highest quality foliage delivered with sincerity, honesty, and originality.
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