Our Mission

At Rana Plant Co. we are passionate about plants. Our team has curated a collection of styled potted plants designed to be the perfect addition to your space. Plants improve air quality and help any space look more attractive. Choose from our collection designed to simplify and make your plant shopping easier. Enjoy your new additions, shipped to your door, to ensure a stylish, healthier space.

Plant shopping can be a hassle. Which plant should I choose? What size do I need? Is it low-light friendly? How should I plant this? What container do I use? How do I hide the soil? The list goes on! Our aim is to simplify that process by creating a fully finished, top quality product line of potted plants delivered to your door! Thus saving you the time and energy.


At Rana Plant Co. LLC we are dedicated to offering a unique retail experience committed to
the highest quality foliage delivered with sincerity, honesty, and originality.
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